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Rapid Results Panel

Learn what Canadian food and beverage manufacturers are saying about the workforce, training, and the future of the industry with Rapid Results

Food Processing Skills Canada has released the first Rapid Results report summarizing recent input from Canadian food and beverage manufacturers participating on the Rapid Results Employer Opinion Panel. These insights provide a temperature check on how the industry is faring with workforce challenges and more generally the outlook and level of optimism businesses have about growth and future success. The information in theRapid Results report provides an important benchmark for businesses on their own performance when compared to others in the industry. For a quick and informative read follow this linkto download Rapid Results Survey 1 Executive Report.

Food Processing Skills Canada is also welcoming additional participation on the Rapid Results Employer Opinion Panel. If you are an employer, HR professional, or hold a senior level position with a Canadian food and beverage manufacturer, register today to join the panel and receive a variety of benefits. Learn more and register here.

Get Involved! New Rapid Results Employer Opinion Panel Recruitment

If you are an employer or senior leader in Canada's food and beverage processing industry, @Food Processing Skills Canada needs your input for the new Rapid Results Employer Opinion Panel.

You provide a few minutes of your time to complete six online surveys over the coming year and you will receive early access to the latest & best labour market and business data reports.

Join the panel! (

Rapid Results Panel

FPC and Fanshawe College CRI Partnership

FPC celebrates Fanshawe College Center for Research & Innovation as both an FPC member and valuable partner as our association expands its ecosystem of services.

Fanshawe College's Centre for Research & Innovation (CRI) is a leader in food innovation research in Canada. Their unique capabilities are ideally positioned to help emerging agri-food businesses launch new and improved food and beverage products. They have the expertise, facilities, and project funding that growing businesses need to get their R&D work off the ground and to remove the barriers to success. This CRI Information Sheet outlines their key offerings.

Contact CRI to explore your options!

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FPC Partners with Enviro-Stewards

FPC is very pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with Enviro-Stewards. Enviro-Stewards is an environmental engineering firm and certified B Corporation whose mission is to grow resilient businesses and improve lives in extraordinary ways. Their root cause-based approach consistently identifies practical and affordable measures to improve your facility?s energy, water & product yields, shrink your environmental footprint, avoid effluent issues, and grow your margins. Food & beverage companies ? from all sectors ? looking to become carbon neutral have benefitted from this approach to profitably achieve net zero carbon.

Our members can reach out to understand how Enviro-Stewards can be of help to your business by emailing here.

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FPC Partners with Ayming Canada

Food Producers of Canada (FPC) is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with Ayming Canada. With 35 years of industry experience Ayming secures over $1.5 billion in funding annually for their clients globally by maximizing government grants and R&D tax credits, making them industry leaders in grant funding and cost reduction services. FPC is excited to join forces with Ayming to provide combined expertise and advocacy for Canadian food and beverage companies. The agri-food industry is one of the fastest growing and highest performing sectors in Canada and the federal and provincial governments are consistently allocating lucrative grants to help food producers / processors invest in growing their business. Ayming’s team of grant experts has the proficiency to define a funding strategy that fully maximizes your return. They can help your company secure funding that will subsidize up to 50% of your future growth initiatives. FPC encourages all members to register with Ayming. Register now!

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Grocery Code of Practice Steering Committee Stakeholder Consultations

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Grocery Code of Practice Steering Committee to Begin Stakeholder Consultations May 1 -- Industry encouraged to participate. CONSULTATION CLOSED

Summary of Issue:

The Steering committee, representing small, medium, and large enterprises in the food supply chain in Canada including retailers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, processors and producers, currently working on the development of a grocery industry Code of Conduct, announced that it will launch stakeholder consultations beginning the week of May 1, 2023 - May 31, 2023.

Industry members are strongly encouraged to participate in the proposed code consultation process. The online session will provide a comprehensive overview of the proposed code and related matters and offer an opportunity for participants to provide feedback and questions via a dedicated microsite which includes an online consultation document. The steering committee firmly believes that it is critical to ensure all stakeholders understand the application of the proposed Code prior to implementation.

For those unable to view the webinar session live on May 2nd, it will be recorded and posted to the Code of Conduct microsite following the event. The microsite will also include the online consultation document to ensure stakeholders can ask questions and provide feedback.

Stakeholder consultations will end on May 31st, at which time the Steering Committee will review the feedback and determine next steps. The Steering Committee will provide an update to Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Agriculture Ministers in July.

These consultations, represent a significant part of the code development process. Since announcing completion on draft code provisions by the industry working group, the Steering committee has continued to work on other elements related to the code, including the governance and adjudication models. In moving to the consultation phase of code development, the committee acknowledges the importance of broad stakeholder engagement in ensuring the intended purpose of the Code reflects the needs of all stakeholders affected.

After May 2nd -- Simply visit the code microsite at:, view the presentation, answer the questions included in the consultation document included on the site.


Le Comité directeur du Code de conduite de l?industrie alimentaire entamera des consultations auprès des parties prenantes le 1er mai ? l?industrie est encouragée à participer. CONSULTATION FERMÉE

Résumé de l'enjeu :

Aujourd'hui, le Comité directeur qui représente les petites, moyennes et grandes entreprises de la chaîne d?approvisionnement alimentaire au Canada, incluant les détaillants, les fabricants, les distributeurs, les grossistes, les transformateurs et les producteurs qui travaillent actuellement à l?élaboration d?un Code de conduite de l?industrie alimentaire, a annoncé qu?il lancerait des consultations auprès des parties prenantes à compter de la semaine du 1er mai, 2023.

Les membres de l?industrie sont vivement encouragés à participer au processus de consultation pour le Code proposé. La session en ligne fournira une vue d?ensemble du projet de Code ainsi que des enjeux connexes, et offrira aux participants la possibilité de transmettre leurs commentaires et questions par le biais d?un microsite dédié qui comprend un document de consultation en ligne. Le Comité de direction est convaincu qu?il est primordial de veiller à ce que toutes les parties prenantes comprennent l?application du Code proposé avant sa mise en ?uvre.

Pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas assister à la session de webinaire en direct le 2 mai, un enregistrement sera mis en ligne sur le microsite suite à l?évènement. Le microsite comprendra également le document de consultation en ligne afin que les participants puissent poser des questions et nous faire part de leurs commentaires. Les consultations auprès des parties prenantes prendront fin le 31 mai prochain, date à laquelle le Comité directeur examinera les commentaires et établira les prochaines étapes. Le Comité directeur présentera une mise à jour aux ministres fédéral, provinciaux et territoriaux (FPT) de l?agriculture en juillet.

Ces consultations représentent une part importante du processus d?élaboration du Code. Depuis l?annonce de l?achèvement des dispositions du projet de Code par le Groupe de travail de l?industrie, le Comité directeur a continué à faire progresser d?autres éléments du Code, notamment les modèles de gouvernance et d?adjudication. En passant à la phase de consultation de l?élaboration du Code, le Comité reconnait l?importance d?un large engagement des parties prenantes pour s?assurer que l?objectif visé par le Code reflète les besoins de toutes les parties concernées.

Après le 2 mai ? il suffit de visiter le microsite du Code à l'adresse suivante :, afin de consulter la présentation et de répondre aux questions ou de poser une question à l?aide du document de consultation qui se trouve sur le site.

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